Adopt a Cat or Dog

Adopt a Dog or Cat

Nagoya is very excited that we are in our 7th year partnership with the Wood County Humane Society

We feature a dog and cat of the month from the shelter throughout the year. If either of the animals are adopted in that month, NAGOYA WILL PAY ALL OF THE ADOPTION FEES! Most of the animals we will be featuring have either been at the shelter for way too long, or is in special need of a home. Our hope is that if you aren't in the position to adopt, that you share this information with your friends and family.

You can also see the featured cat and dog of the month as they are posted by becoming a fan on Nagoya's Facebook page.

April's Featured Animals

Wood County Humane Society


Joanne "Jo Jo"

April's Dog of the Month from the WOOD COUNTY HUMANE SOCIETY

Dog of the Month - A 2-year-old female brindle and white Boxer Mix. Arriving as a transfer from another facility, Joanne has shown that is quite spirited and ready for a home! Walking past her kennel, you may be exhausted as she jumps, runs, and begs for your affection. Don't worry! Volunteers and staff alike can attest to how quick she is lay down and more importantly, show that belly! Joanne's day planner consists of 3 things: food, walks, and belly rubs. She's a high spirited and high energy dog who wants nothing more than a place to call home.


If interested, call 419-352-7339 or visit Nagoya will pay all of the adoption fees.




April's Cat of the Month from the WOOD COUNTY HUMANE SOCIETY

Cat of the Month - A 5-year-old Male white and brown tiger DSH.  Tadashi is the old man of the cat room! He loves to nap and finds companionship with some of the more reserved cats. We can always entice him with an open window or can of food. Arriving as a stray, Tadashi was quick to enjoy the little comforts in life such as hiding spot and warm blanket. If you're looking for the perfect guy to spend many lazy afternoons with Tadashi is your cat!

If interested, call 419-352-7339 or visit  Nagoya will pay all of the adoption fees.