Birthdays at Nagoya

Whether you are turning 5 or 50, the only place to celebrate is at Nagoya.


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"We celebrated  our girlfriend's 40th birthday at Nagoya. We never even considered celebrating any where else. Nagoya's food, service, and staff are far superior to any restaurant around. We were all able to gather around 2 large hibachi grills and enjoy each other's company the entire night.  We could not of asked for a better evening,  from the Volcano Bowls  to the  extensive  selection of specialty martinis . The entertainment by the Hibachi Chefs (who by the way, LOVE birthdays) was awesome! The best part of the evening was the "Birthday Special" when the Chef enters the room striking a gong followed by the servers presenting delicious fried icecream and fresh pineapple.  We all sang Happy Birthday led by the chef and staff. We went home with a great photo of our birthday girl and the chef . What a great way  to remember the fantastic time we had.  I  not only highly recommend Nagoya for Birthdays, but any special occasion where you want to gather friends and family to celebrate."        Julie Walker



"What can I say?  You made a group of 6 year olds very happy last night.  They thought the best part was walking into the restaurant and seeing Nemo and Dori in the huge salt water fish tank...but they had no idea of how much fun they were about to have.  I never imagined seeing 12 children of this age so interested and intensely involved with what they were going to eat.  My son (of whom we were celebrating his 6th birthday) told me he couldn't choose his favorite part of the night....he was torn between the flaming volcano and catching the shrimp, but later reminded me that he was the only one to catch it on the first try.  Other mothers told me that their child would never eat vegetables, until last night.  I just want to commend you on providing such a great place for parents to take their children and have peace of mind knowing they will be on their best behavior because they are so intrigued by the show your chefs provide."       A very grateful mother....Sandy Kramer



Includes fresh fruit and fried ice cream, photo with the chef and the birthday song with the staff.

  There is a $10.95 charge to bring your own cake to Nagoya, which will include the birthday song and photo with the chef. 

Optional - $1 per person to have our staff cut and serve the cake.


Nagoya is ready to provide great entertainment for your special event. 

So whether it is a Birthday, Anniversary, Retirement Party, or just a Girl's Night Out, plan on making Nagoya part of your evening.